The dark side of internet 5G

Full government control?  Will our lives be fully owned by the state?  How will 5G change our lives? 
According to some conspiracy theories that have been gaining more and more supporters, the 5G internet is something apocalyptic that will greatly diminish people’s privacy in conjunction with a dizzyingly dangerous increase in the control of police and government forces in general over civilians and ordinary citizens.

Some groups more radical(extremists?) and sites are even plotting a possible connection between 5G antennas and the advent of coronavirus (covid-19).  There are regional groups on Facebook whose purpose is to try to prevent 5G technology from being implemented.Many opponents of 5G accuse the technology of the fifth generation of causing a possible increase in the risk of cancer, for the people exposed to the frequencies of the waves emitted by the transmitting devices of the 5G.But, after all, are these concerns really valid and should they be taken seriously?
Can the radio waves underlying 5G connectivity harm our health?In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that “there were no adverse health effects caused by the use of cell phones”.   However, WHO with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified all radio frequency radiation (of which cellular signals are part) as “possibly carcinogenic”.
In addition, the World Health Organization states that exposure to electromagnetic frequencies below the limits recommended by the Commission’s guidelines does not appear to have any known health consequences.
There are still no studies carried out recently that prove or disprove the theories and fears of people who are openly against 5G.
As it is still very recent, there is still not much reliable information, only speculations and hypotheses.Add our website to your favorites and join us on this journey of discovering 5G technology to stay always informed.  This post will be edited soon so that new information can be added here.

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