Macs with Apple’s own CPUs to be announced in November

Transition announced by Apple during its developer-focused event, the adoption of proprietary processors in place of Intel chips could begin in November. According to the Bloomberg news agency , Apple is preparing the announcement of its updated family of computers for the end of the year, following the announcement made during WWDC.

The agency did not name which model should debut the new processor line, or when it should hit stores. It is believed that the brand’s first computer with the so-called “Apple Silicon” should be a model in the MacBook line, possibly the successor to the (discontinued) 12-inch model.

New iPad Air

Bloomberg also announced that the iPad Air line should receive an update later this year. Agency sources reveal that the device will set aside the main button and will look similar to the iPad Pro.

The model should be positioned as an option for professionals to work from home, expanding the strategy of offering the iPad line models as a productivity tool and not just a consumption tool.

iPhone 12 postponed

The 2020 update of the iPhone line is expected to stay even in October, with delays in the development of the model caused by the pandemic of COVID-19. If the postponement is confirmed, it will be the first time in nine years (since the iPhone 4s ) that the launch of the updated models will not happen in September.

A concrete effect of an eventual launch in October will be on the company’s balance sheet, whose fiscal year ends in September. In this case, sales of the iPhone 12 would all be accounted for in the balance sheet for 2021, which could boost the numbers after a 2020 strongly affected by the pandemic.

Apple is hosting an event this Tuesday (15th) to announce new products , the highlight of which should be the new Apple Watch 6. Along with the new generation of the watch, Bloomberg believes that the company will also launch an entry-level smartwatch . In any case, keep an eye on the Canaltech website and social networks to stay on top of all the brand’s ads.

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