Microsoft’s GPT-3 licensing attracts criticism from Elon Musk

Microsoft signed an agreement that gave it exclusive licensing for GPT-3 technology , which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to write news and technical texts with the highest precision. GPT-3 is an invention by OpenAI, an open AI research and development initiative where one of the founders is the CEO of Tesla, Neuralink and SpaceX, Elon Musk – and he was not at all happy with this contract.

Through his Twitter profile, Musk made clear his discontent with the news. According to him, an exclusive licensing agreement destroys the purpose of OpenAI, which was designed with the idea of being open and available to everyone: “This makes it seem that it is the opposite of” open “, said the executive.? OpenAI was essentially captured by Microsoft.?

The CEO’s tweet found a certain amount of support among Internet users who followed the issue, but Microsoft, which announced the partnership last Thursday (24), has already clarified that it does not intend to prevent the use of GPT-3 by other companies:? [ What we are looking for] is to leverage its technological innovations to develop and deliver AI solutions to our customers, in addition to creating new resources that make use of the great power of advanced natural language generation? Said Kevin Scott, CTO of the company.

GPT-3 technology company artificial intelligence in the writing of texts with unmatched precision, having deceived even human users.

Microsoft did not clarify exactly what these commercial applications would be, but it is possible to guess: since 2018, the company has been investing in content generation through artificial intelligence, culminating, in June 2020, in the dismissal of dozens of journalists from its staff employees and the adoption of an automated news generation system. Today, there is still human strength feeding channels like Microsoft News (still referred to by many as? MSN?), But given the nature of GPT-3, it would not be strange for the company to use it as one of its purposes.

As for third-party access to GPT-3, Microsoft said in a post on the official blog that this would continue to happen through its API, and OpenAI itself also issued a statement, ensuring continued open use of the technology? For current users and future?

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